Generative Furniture n1

This is a conceptual video about the possibilities of applying generative principles to furniture design. 

Generative design is the process of creating or enhancing functional objects through the use of algorithms, which can be programed and combined to achieve different design goals, like structural integrity or material economy, for example.

In this experiment, I've chosen the most iconic design object, which is the chair, to illustrate some of the possibilities of this process. 

Each on of these chairs come from exactly the same building block: A minimal chair shaped object with standard chair dimensions. Afterwards, a series of algorithmic modifiers have been carefully tuned and  applied in order to achieve different structural results.

In this particular case, the human element hasn't been removed from the process. I was the one making all the basic choices and tuning the algorithms so they could deliver what I believe to be minimally aesthetically acceptable chair shapes. 

However, it's not hard to imagine something like a random chair generator tool that could be entirely handled by algorithms somewhere in the near future, specially considering the rapid evolution and popularization of 3d printing technology.

Like most professions, it's my opinion that Industrial Design will radically change in the near future, with the advance of AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, etc...

Watch the video to see it in action:

Link for high resolution video:

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